Welcome to Think Cash!

The forgotten Art of Business

Think Cash! is the ideal basis for you to find a business mentor who will start by looking at your cash flow and direct you to meeting any shortfall because:

        • If you have a monthly turnover of £20,000 and your customers pay you in 45 days you need £30,000 in cash just to keep going.
        • If you get your customers to pay you in 30 days you need £10,000 less.
        • If you can get them to pay in advance, you can use their money.

That is Think Cash!

Developing Think Cash! helped me when things seemed at their bleakest

Think Cash! helps you cope with the many financial challenges business life throws at us.

Using proven techniques Think Cash! helps you manage your cash more effectively and get the results you want

In developing Think Cash! I learnt the importance of accelerating the payment process and that to do this well and regularly you need to keep in touch with your clients.

A way to do this is is to keep in touch with your customers, the problem is people don't!

That is why we developed the InTouch System. To learn more click on the video below!