Monthly Mentoring Plan


Taking your business to the next level.

Once you have decided to use our services, it is very simple we charge £60 per month for one hour’s mentoring per month, you sign up at PayPal and we have regular monthly meetings.

In addition we offer a drop in service, were you are  able  to ring us up at any time for a quick chat when you have problems that you need to talk out at no extra cost.


Naturally, if you have a problem that is going to take up more than two hours of our time then we will charge £60 per hour for that specific problem.


Our aim is to give you support so that when a crisis arrives and you feel isolated, actually, you are not, you have professional that you can ring who understands your business.

Monthly Mentoring costs  £60 a month 

  • 1hr Monthly 1-1 session with Tony Dalton

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Drop in service for quick queries

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Ernie Boxall

Tony has transformed my thinking and my actions in moving my business forward by giving the benefit of his detailed knowledge of cash flow and the necessary disciplines to bring my business to account.