Can you risk going too far?

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly

find out how far one can go”


What a brilliant comment this is and it’s from a poet!

It is a quote that is so true, if you want to achieve your dreams and reach the perfect business you sometimes have to risk going too far.

In fact, all the great discoveries in history have come from men who risked going too far, while having to overcome societies inbuilt bureaucracy. It is bureaucracy that destroys creative minds.

An example of this was Bletchley Park, where all those boffins broke the Germans codes allowing us to win World War II.

Would you believe that it was under constant threat of closure, not because it was unsuccessful, it wasn’t, it helped us win the war.

It was because the civil service was convinced that they weren’t really the right kind of chaps, they kept taking risks!

Now they felt that the right kind of chap was someone like Kim Philby. He was a real chap, went to the right schools and then to the right university, you could trust him with our secrets. Unfortunately, they did! He repaid them by giving our secrets, which, in those days we appeared to have, to the Russians!

The point I want to make is that it doesn’t matter what entrepreneurial business you want to create it has nothing to do with your education or where you came from. Whatever your background unless you push yourself beyond your personal boundaries, you will never know what it is possible for you to achieve until you do.

Just remember, don’t be put off by people telling you what you are doing is impossible. Just listen to one of the icons of the last century, Nelson Mandela, he had a simple motto that kept him sane through those years of incineration “the impossible is always impossible until it’s done”.

The motto don’t worry about going too far, take risks, you will be surprised what you learn.

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