Can you wiggle like Bees?

This is how bees make their biggest decision, how they find where to place their new hide.

Basically, when a hive gets too big, it must split up.

The old queen flies off with a swarm of around 10,000 bees.

Over several days, scouter bees search for new home, and when they find one, they come back and do a “Waggle Dance promoting their find.

The “Waggle Dance” is a term used in beekeeping for a figure of eight dance. With this dance, the bees share with other members of the colony information about the direction and distance to the nest-site. It was originally assumed that a waggle dance was a recruitment one, but we have now learnt that it has much more importance.

At this point, how do the bees decide, is it by consensus?

No, after several experiments, researchers have concluded that the swarm does not wait for consensus. It senses when there are enough scouts concentrating on a single site — a quorum of 15 to 20 — then the other bees accept it and just move.

Researchers are now working out whether organisations can use the same process and waggle like the bees, there is no doubt that it works for bees!

It really is an example of consensus leadership, which at the end of the day really does work, unfortunately we humans are not to capable of accepting it, however, when we do we could have true leadership.

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