The 90 day Plan

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

You’ve done your business plan, you have presented it, you have the funds, your business is ready to go. You have your dream, you have the pictures on the wall, you now need your 90 day plan?

Eventually this will be a rolling one, but at this stage, the start, you need to put down what you are going to be doing in the first 90 days. 

These first 90 days are crucial to your business as you want to get it off to a flying start and more importantly you need to give yourself targets, so that you are continually testing yourself and making certain you are reaching your targets.

This plan for the next 90 days is in effect your stepping stone to the future, you are laying out how you will work towards achieving the aims you set out in your business plan. 

Further, as 90 days is a long time in business, to make certain you succeed in reaching your 90 day target you break it down into 30 day bites, so you have to meet each one to reach your goal.

You write down what you will do and the sales you plan to achieve in 30 days, 60 days and at the end in 90 days.

Do not just write it down, print it out and, again, stick up somewhere close to your desk so you are continually seeing it and are repeatedly being reminded of what you are aiming for.

As you keep seeing it, you will inevitably check that you are on target to reach it.

Then once you have reached 90 days, you do another one for the next 90 days and step by step you will reach your target.

Eventually, after many disappointments but you will reach your dream.

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