Do we really have to borrow to improve our credit score?

I read this on a credit report telling you how to improve your credit score.

"Request a higher credit limit on your existing accounts or apply for new credit accounts. An overall credit limit of more than £15,000 would optimise this factor, but you should only take out as much credit as you can afford. More than £4,000 is a good start, but you should try to keep moving it up, as long as you can manage the debt."

What this means is that the Banks are still driving people into debt, on the excuse of getting a better credit rating. They say they are sure people can "manage it" but life happens and with a facility a lot more than they normally need, they get sucked in.

These credit ratings are bizarre - nowhere do they list assets to offset the debt, but you have to pile up possible debt to get a good credit rating!

What am I missing?

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