Do You Have a Think Cash Mindset?

Do you want to find the “Perfect Business”, well, there isn’t one, however, to get close you need a positive “Cash Flow”.

For example, when you have a monthly turnover of £20,000 and your customers pays you in 45 days. You need £30,000 in cash just to keep going! Frightening, isn’t it?

Even if you get your customers to pay you in 30 days, you still need £20,000!

No matter which figures you use the result is always the same, unless, and this is the important bit, they pay you in advance.

Then you can use their money!

Is this the perfect business? No, but we can make certain that they pay quicker and become cash positive.

Once you reach this point the benefits are enormous, as the growth of your business will show. Conversations with your bank will be totally different, as you are in control of your business. You will have created a “Think Cash!” mindset.

Therefore, to help you build your business to this state I have taken a compilation of the many blogs I have written and made them into a series of three Kindle books which I call the “Cash First” series, which you can find at

They are easy to read, while along the way I have thrown in a few stories to make them a bit more fun.

Finally, the first one is only 99p!

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