Structure, Structure, Str……..!

STRUCTURE, why is it so difficult for a new business to put in STRUCTURE.

By STRUCTURE I mean an organised way for the business to operate, not as above!

This means having an office. Where that office is doesn't matter, it could be in your computer, but you need one. The job of the office is to:

· Take in information

· Store that information

· Spit out information

That is all the office has to do, but unless this process is working in a structured way, it will fail.

In the event of a crisis that disabled you, could someone come in and continue to run your business?

If not, you have no structure other than that you hold in your head.

You must put on down exactly how every process works, write is as if you are instructing another person who knows nothing about this business. You need to do this with every transaction, so that someone coming in cold can quickly understand and manage it.

At the same time produce a flow chart showing how business flows through from receipt to completion. By completion I mean when you get paid.

I am asking whether someone could run your business in the unlikely event that you were run over by, as they say “The No 17 bus”. If you haven't got structure, eventually you will get into trouble, furthermore in the long term you won't be able to sell it, however, much more worrying is that you won't even get there.

If you need help putting that structure together, I can help you, contact me at

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