The left-right political spectrum?

Do you know why we call them the right and the left?

It was the French Revolution 235 years ago that gave us the Left and Right.

Le Chambré de Deputies (Chamber of Deputies), their parliament, changed, the monarchists, the supporters of the King, who had always sat to his right, unthinkingly sat on the right of the chamber. Therefore, they became the right.

The revolutionaries, who hated everything about the monarchy, obviously sat on the other side, the left, so they could throw rotten tomatoes and other more dangerous things at them. So they became, the left, and the two names stuck.

Over the years as politics became a fight between the workers and the wealthy, the description right and left continued. However, today they don’t come to blows anymore, well, not too often!

There are many historical stories like this. At Educational Musicals we have published over 30 historical musicals, unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, there won't be any shows for the children to perform, result our business has fallen off a cliff.

However, it was not bad news as it made us look at the business again, we needed to find a product to allow us to keep selling.

We found it.

We created a new teaching resource “Read a Play in Class”, which includes:

  • One Historical Musical.

  • A series of fact sheets.

  • Along with specific class resources.

  • All related to that period in history of the musical..

The first two have already been created and are selling, now we are working on more, in the end we aim to create, at least, 30 such packages.

To see what we have created go to

This would never have happened if the lockdown have not hit our sales and forced us to look at our business in a different light.

This is what we do at Think Cash!

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