The Story of the Bespoke Furniture Manufacturer

Have you heard the one about the bespoke furniture manufacturer who was asked to supply furniture to some posh new apartments?

He was used to orders of between £500 and £1,000, when this one for £20,000 suddenly came along.

He jumped at it and did the work. But disaster loomed, the customer didn’t pay! He had to close down.

Later he found that his customer wasn’t even a limited company and had over £33,000 county court judgements!

He should have followed the Think Cash! principle of making “Cash Flow” his priority. It is not the size of the order that matters, it’s getting the money.

Think Cash! people take credit checks on all new customers and those who place orders larger than usual.

Think Cash! is more than that, it is about getting your money in quicker, using that money better and not paying it out too quickly. It is not rocket science, it is the simple management of the flow of money through your business and into your pocket.

Think Cash! is about borrowing money at 0% interest legally!

Think Cash! is about getting your customers to pay you quicker.

Think Cash! has found directors enough money for a new building without having to borrow, has reduced growing overdrafts, and even found money for an exotic holiday!

This is what we do at Think Cash!

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