Think Cash! The Impossible is possible!

Did you know that the former prime minister of Estonia, Mart Larr only read one book on economics -- Milton Friedman's Free to Choose. He admits he was a bit ignorant at the time and thought that what Friedman wrote about the benefits of privatization, the flat tax and the abolition of all customs rights, was the result of economic reforms was something that was in practice in the West.

It seemed common sense to him and, as he thought everyone else was doing it, he simply introduced it into Estonia, even though he received dire warnings from Estonian economists that it could not be done. They told him that it was as impossible as walking on water. He did it: Estonia walked on the water because they did not know that it was impossible.

Today, Estonia ranks 9th in the world in economic freedom, with Switzerland and Ireland being the only European nations ranked more highly!

So the impossible is possible, it was in Estonia!

How often have you been talked out of something because you were told it is impossible?

Think abut it? Tony Dalton

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