What is the Cash First series?

Do you dream of sitting on the beach, or somewhere else, with money just rolling in?

Would this be The Perfect Business?

It is something we all strive for, but only a few achieve.

To help you to get close I have written a series of books called Cash First. The aim of this series of three books is to stimulate you with enough ideas to get close to it.

To get close to The Perfect Business you must have a positive “Cash Flow”, which means that you must concentrate on putting Cash First.

Take this example.

  • You have a monthly turnover of £20,000, and your customers pay in 45 days, you need £30,000 in cash just to keep going!

  • If your customers pay you in 30 days, you will still need £20,000!

No matter what your turnover is these figures still apply.

Unless, of course, they pay in advance, then you can use their money!

Is this the perfect business? No, but without it you will never reach those dreamy days.

As your company grows, the enormous benefits of having a positive cash flow will show:

  • you won’t need to talk to your bank manager.

  • you can expand in your own time at your own speed.

  • you will be in total control of your business.

You are now on the road to that perfect business.

For this you need a Think Cash mindset.

That is why I wrote Cash First, a book aimed at creating that mindset.

Who has a Cash First Mentality?

For example, all those technology billionaires got there by having a Cash First mentality. Why? Because on the internet you pay in advance!

Let’s take Jeff Bezos, who built up Amazon into the supplier of so much that we buy today. He did it with a Cash First mentality. You pay Amazon in advance and then wait for it to arrive. In the early days he started with books, for which you paid in advance, this gave him time to buy the books on 30-day credit and send them to you. He, basically, had your money for 30 days before he had to spend it. That is a Cash First mentality.

Many years before that, Richard Branson learnt that once a pop star is famous, his records just keep earning money, generating Cash First.

He had started with a small recording studio, then along came a musician called Mike Oldfield who had recorded Tubular Bells. He realised how good it was, more importantly, he realised that once launched, he didn’t need to do anything else, the money just flowed in. It did, then more and more money flowed in as he signed up more and more artists. He had created a cash positive company, and then he decided to use this money for other things.

He started his airline, but only once the cash flow from his record business meant it could operate a Boeing 707 for 12 months without any passengers! He wasn’t risking his money, even though the media thought he was. Today, most of his income comes from the Virgin Companies, they pay him to use the Virgin name. He doesn’t take the risk, those Virgin companies do, while he gets cash flowing into his company. He has a Think Cash mentality as he puts Cash First.

Cash First the books

That is why I wrote Cash First to help you to create that mentally. Go to where you will find the three Kindle books in the series or you can buy a real printed book of all three Kindle books in one.

They are on Amazon along with a book I wrote earlier, Cash Management.

Book 1, is available on Kindle at 99p, allows you to decide if you like the style and feel you can learn from it.

I have made them easy to read, with short 300-word chapters. Unfortunately, along the way I couldn’t resist throwing in a few stories to make it a bit more fun.

Enjoy, I hope it will help you to look differently at your business and take you further along that journey to The Perfect Business.

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